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    Warning, stuff stuck in here gets out of date quickly!

    No solid ideas are listed in this forum. Here we speak about ideas and if they get adopted they go to "About".
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    Hello ALL!

    Great to have you here Lando!
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    02 - Compassion Prototype

    Me and Jak discussed: Island hearts get slightly bigger when they hold bigger islands.
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    Hello. New here.

    Great to have you!
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    New Interaction System - Interactions with Jellies

    Maybe share today's update here.
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    New Interaction System - Interactions with Jellies

    I would like to suggest that using ESC would not be ideal in the long term. What I have in mind is that in first-person mode you would naturally be able to do whatever you wanted to do. There would be no need for pausing. We should discuss this during the design meeting.
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    Design Overview (GDD)

    Please also see: And if you want to go really deep:
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    New interaction menu UI

    Feedback: 1) Use something like language tool for official documentation spelling correction. Don't bother wasting your time with that for day-to-day posts and cards but official docs may benefit. 2) I am worried not equipping items when you pick them up will lead to confusion by the user...
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    Hello. New here. -- fill that out to play.
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    The new interaction system

    5 min recap of an update on this system:
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    Hello. New here.

    Glad to have you Kudo :D welcome to the community!
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    The new interaction system

    Wow awesome!
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    The new interaction system

    Yes we would need to make 1st person mouse mode kinda like when you have the menu open.
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    The new interaction system

    Concern: If we have no movement in first person it makes it so we have to teach them 2 views to play the game. Having them be able to play for 4 min with just the stuff they already know means we have them hooked most likely. I really like idea 2.
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    The new interaction system

    You wouldn't, There wouldn't be a particular mode per se. You would offer the creature food and it would run to you and bite it right off your hand. You would throw a ball and maybe it's not the type that likes a ball and so it would just ignore the ball or be confused. All of this would be...
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    The new interaction system

    We had a very important discussion on this matter and I think it's the one most sticky point atm. Although our game doesn't lend itself to action-oriented people we don't want to sacrifice the ease of building. It's really important that building is not a conversation more annoying task and our...
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    The new interaction system

    Interaction keys: Issue: We need 1 button to move, 1 button to interact and 1 button to pan the camera... all using the mouse. And most only have 2 buttons. Fix: Click and HOLD to pan, click to move somewhere and right click to interact? UI/Context: Dimitri idea, pop up Jelly options only...
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    Drone-Related Design Inspiration

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    The Dessert Biome, naturally a sweet idea.

    Feedback: 1) Always start with goals up top -- helps design docs 2) Use images and GIFs wherever possible 3) I liked the overall ideas, I would love to hear details on more individual items for the biome.
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    The new interaction system

    Goals: Making the "Compassion" part of the game feel more personal. Our over-all game goals include making the game as playable as possible by the largest number of people possible. Thesis: When watching players play our game, I noticed they wanted to do everything by clicking rather...