Alternative prototype design

Alternative prototype design

1. Summary
This is an alternative design for a prototype to RedEagle’s tutorial prototype. The goals for it are:
  1. To be more open than Red’s very linear tutorial, allowing for the player to take multiple paths through the level.
  2. Give more opportunity for the player to build relationships with each individual Jelly.
After we have built and tested Red’s tutorial, we will take the feedback we get from that build, as well as some of the ideas from this design, and put together a third version, which we will build next.

Magica voxel file of level (this gives a better view of the level, than the images):

2. Images of the level

Red blocks: Berries
Purple blocks: Chilis
Gray blocks: Iron ore
Orange block: Player spawn
Blue block with gray block on top: Rock Jelly
Blue block with brown block on top: Crafting Jelly
Blue block with light blue block on top: Ice Jelly

This picture include lines that show what minimum block is required to bridge to the next island:
Blue is stone, white is iron, brown is steel.
The image also includes yellow arrows that show how I am gonna refer to the larger island in the player journey below.

3. Player journey
Flow chart of the expected player journey can be found on this miro (top right corner).

Detailed written version of expected player journey:

3.1 First large island
The player spawns on the first large island. The rock Jelly also spawns here, as well as a few berries. The player feeds the rock jelly the berries and recieves stone blocks. Using the stone blocks, the player can bridge to one of the nearby islands. However, he cannot yet bridge to the second or third large island, since stone blocks doesn’t have high enough block strength. He needs iron blocks for that. The player bridges to one of the nearby islands, and picks up more berries from that island. The player feeds those berries to the Jelly, and gets more stone blocks, which the player uses to build to one of the other nearby islands. He continues to do this, until the Jelly levels up. At level 2 the Jelly can now smash iron ore blocks using it’s ground pound ability (detailed explanation later in document). The player has the Jelly use this ability on the iron ore blocks on the first large island to get pure iron blocks. The player uses these blocks to bridge to the second or third large island (He doesn’t have enough blocks to get to both).

3.2 Second/third large island
On the second/third large island, the player can find chilis. Chilis are a stronger type of food than berries, this means that when feeding it to a jelly, it gives the jelly more happiness, making it level up faster. The jelly also splorts more blocks when fed a chili. The player can also find more iron ore blocks to smash on this island. However the player cannot bring the rock jelly over to this island to smash them. The player will bring the chilis to the jelly. The player might build bridges to nearby islands to get more chilis, using stone blocks. After feeding the Jelly enough, it will level up. At level 3, the Jelly will allow the player to carry it to the second/third island. Now the Jelly can smash the iron ore blocks, so the player can get more iron blocks. Using these iron blocks, the player can bridge to the fourth large island, or he can bridge to the second/third large island( the one of the two, he didn’t bridge to in the first place). From here the player can smash more iron, to get to the fourth large island.

3.3 Fourth large island
On this island, the player will find the Crafting Jelly, as well as more chili’s, berries and iron ore blocks. The first thing the Crafting Jelly can craft is a sickle, using stone and iron. When the player has a sickle equipped, and gathers food, the player doesn’t only get the food, but also some seeds, so he can replant the food. The player will start farming food, and continue to feed the two jellies. The player will also smash iron ore with the rock jelly, and bridge to the nearby islands to get more food, to farm and feed to the jellies. Eventually the jellies will level up. At level 4 , the Rock Jelly will also splort iron blocks, in addition to stone blocks, so it doesn’t have to smash iron ore to get it. At level 2, the crafting Jelly can craft steel blocks, using iron and stone blocks. Steel blocks have even higher block strength than iron blocks. This will allow the player to bridge to the snow island (iron blocks don’t have high enough block strength for that). Once the player has crafted enough steel blocks, he will bridge to the snow island, where he will find the Ice Jelly. That is the end of this prototype.

4. Mechanic details

4.1 Rock Jelly
Level 1: Poop 3-4 stone blocks, when fed berry. 5-6 when fed chili.
Level 2: Unlock ground pound ability, to get 3-4 iron per iron block.
Level 3: Can be carried
Level 4: In extend to stone blocks, also poops 1 iron block when fed a berry, and 1-2 iron blocks when fed a chili.

4.2 Crafting Jelly (More details here)
Level 1: Can craft sickle using 4 iron and 5 stone.
Level 2: Can craft steel blocks using 6 stone and 2 iron.

4.3 Block strengths
Stone: 7
Iron: 15
Steel: 30

4.4 Ground pound ability explained
Whent the player looks at the Jelly, he can activate the ground pound ability. When this is activated, the jelly jumps into the air, and slams down on the ground, destroying any block within a 2 block radius, on the same vertical level as the jelly.

This is the only way to destroy iron ore blocks, the player cannot do this himself. When an iron ore block is destroyed, it will leave 3 pure iron blocks (not ore blocks) for the player to pick up. Pure iron blocks, the player can place and pick up again on his own.

4.5 Sickle explained
When the sickle is equipped, and the player gathers a piece of food, he doesn't only get the food, he also gets a seed, that can be planted to grow more food.


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