An inspirational playlist to help us write our OST!

Hi, name’s Collin, I’m the Audio Coordinator for P1Gaming! :)

The team has come up with a list of songs that we think illustrates the kind of OST we’re aiming towards for Connect=ed.

This document is a description of each piece and why and in what ways we think it serves that end.

Before we get into the songs, it’s best we look at ARISE, which is an acronym that embodies the feel we want out of our OST:


Dead Voxel, from Minecraft:

Listen here!

Firstly, Dead Voxel mainly features distant instruments washed in reverb. This makes for a relaxing, chill vibe which will help with the Relax part of ARISE. The sense of Space the reverb creates also helps to foster a sense of Awe.

Taswell, from Minecraft:

Listen Here!

At 3:45, we see a fairly upbeat section of the piece. The drums push us forward, but not too quickly. We want an OST that is sometimes upbeat, but only gently so, and this section of Taswell best exemplifies that.

The chord progression used there is most easily heard at 6:45. It’s a progression that is upbeat, calmly excited, and relaxed. It Inspires Movement from the listener, and makes them want to explore more.

The Strange Universe Underneath our Feet, from Castle Story:

Listen Here!

The section from 1:22-1:50 sounds crystalline and happy. It creates forward motion, but not hurriedly, more calm and relaxed. Other parts of the piece, however, sound more somber, which is not what we’re going for.

One Brick at a Time, from Castle Story:

Listen here!

This piece is about as upbeat as we would like our soundtrack to ever be. Even here, it’s fairly slow-paced, but we want Connect=ed to be low-energy and relaxed.

Éclipse Lunaire, from Castle Story:

Listen Here!

This is a great example of something we could do for a night theme. It’s slightly (but not too) energetic, mysterious, yet relaxing.

Mice on Venus, from Minecraft:

Listen here!

Another piece from Minecraft, this one exemplifies one of the key elements of our soundtrack: Minimalism.

Only a few instruments play throughout the song, yet those few instruments are all that is needed. We want to create a sense of relaxation through Minimalism, which will make our soundtrack easier to listen to, and thus our game low-energy.

WaterTower, from Final Space:

Listen here!

Only the section from 0:00 through around 1:25 is relevant to our game. It’s close to what we want, even tho it has a couple flaws: use of a minor key, and it’s close, powerful piano and strings. Besides these two things, it’s right on the money.

The Verdant Garden Day and Night, from Stellar Overload:

Listen here!

The day theme is a good example of an animal theme for our OST. It’s pleasant, only slightly upbeat, and relaxed.

The night theme is far more minimalistic than the day theme, which is ofc good as well.

Endless Fun, from Forager:

(I switched to embedding videos cause the forum's system only allows me to do that 5 times)

This piece is another good example of upbeat but not too upbeat, and cheerful. The only thing to be said is that we are not going for a retro feel.

Kokiri Forest, from The Ocarina of Time:

The first 22 seconds are cheerful (although a little too upbeat), as well as minimalistic, but the rest of the piece is too orchestral and powerful for our game. That said, that first part makes for good inspirational listening!

Genshin Impact, Main Theme:

While this piece is still fairly powerful, and is obviously orchestral, it’s still soft, relaxed, and pleasant. This means it does exemplify what we’re going for with Connect=ed’s OST.

A Drume:

The Drume is an ethereal, calm, and relaxing instrument. If possible, we plan to work it into our OST in places.

Inside a House, from The Ocarina of Time:

From 0:00-0:15, while a little upbeat, is a good example of the combination of cheerful and relaxed that we’re going for.

Overall, we feel that these pieces are great examples of what we want out of our OST, and will make for good inspirational listening for our team's composers!

Thx for reading! ^.^


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ARISE = sounds good to me.
One thing we want to avoid is anything that sounds too techy. One example of that would be backwards notes, is that something we only see in non-real music so to speak.
we want this to sound like a sky island paradise and the thing that highlights that the most is nature itself. Things that should sound natural and not corrupting at all.
Gentle, natural, relaxing, peaceful but sometimes motivating. Wondrous and creating awe.
You want to avoid too much deeper rumbling, deep dark themes.


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To be honest it’s very tough for me to review the actual music pieces because I’m in bed on the phone and the speaker is so bad that it just doesn’t do it any justice. That might be some more of a consideration for us since we hope to publish on mobile but beyond that it’s not much use for going through each piece of music and seeing if it’s relevant


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The first track here is good:
Other than the violin which is a little too emotional the rest is really good:
Most of this album is good inspiration for the non-awe music:
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