Anderson Homes

Are you looking for a home, not just some house with 4 walls and a roof. Well then I have your answer!! Here at Anderson Homes we build or remodel your home to look amazing just for you. We build homes, bridges, Evil Lairs, Flying fortresses, roads and just about anything else that you can think of. If you have the eagles to pay for it then it will be yours. Message Mr.Anderson on discord to get started and we will have one of our qualified engineers brain storm up some blueprints just for you.
i have a whole lot more builds just didnt want to blow up the forums. If your on the accept server and have some eagles to blow i would be more then happy to help you finish your house or to build one for you. I also build homes to sell so if there is a place you like that has a for sale sign up let me know and we can schedule an open house and talk prices


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Wow how did I miss this. I am gonna order like 3. Can you send me 3 comps based on these specifications:

Need the 3 bedroom house, the 1 bed trailer and the 10 floor apartment building.

3 bed house -- 1200 Eagles
1 bed trailer -- 600 Eagles
10 floor apartment building -- 2000 Eagles

Deadline: May 11th

Conditions: Send me your progress frequently, adhere to specifications.