Basics of farming

Basics of farming

To farm a crop, the player simply has to place it on a soil block. Each crop needs different soil. Some have to be placed on grass blocks, some on sand blocks, ect. The block does not have to be cultivated first or anything, you simply place the crop on block, and a cultivated texture will be placed on the block, and the crop will be planted there. Once planted, the crop will take a certain amount of time to grow, and it can then be harvested. To harvest a crop, the player simply has to walk up to the crop and interact with it. When harvesting a crop, the player will get 1 or more of that crop back. Some crops have to be replanted after being harvested, while some crops will stay planted(like bushes).

The sheets below describes the different values for each crop (Soil block, grow time, resource output, whether they have to be replanted ect.):
Farming basics