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======= Connect=ed =======

Imagine a world that transcends “gaming.”
The beginning of a... ...a new home, ...a new way of life, ...a new reality,
A revolution... in what people see as real.

Introducing Connect=ed!

With Connect=ed, we asked:

“What if a ‘game’ could be the home of peoples,
cultures, and ways of life?”

“What if our virtual future could be created by “players” for “players.”

One, giant, Connect=ed world.

======= Our Mission =======

Connect=ed a playful, family-friendly, first step toward our one-day goal of "Real Life Digitally."

======= What to Expect =======

Start with the familiar
Explore, Gather Resources, Farm.

Expand your horizons
Move to the city, make friends, specialize in your ideal career, shape our new world.

Protect Your Reputation
As an immigrant, the citizens you will be staying with will be responsible for your behavior. Gain their trust, grow in reputation and become a citizen and start your own household.

==== Understanding our World: ====

Real-Life economy
Build the business of your dreams in a realistic market-economy where users buy, sell and flip goods.

Careers & education
Specialize in building homes, business and clothes for sale on the market by buying exclusive skills which stand-in for education.

Loans & banking
Raise money to build your business in the in-game stock market, invent innovative financial instruments & buy your own cities.

Manage your own farms, shops, skyscrapers and cities filled with real people. (edited)

Build deep and meaningful connections with real people in a virtual world NOT geared toward romance.

==== Who is this “Game” for? ====

Artists -- Design a living world filled with skyscrapers, shops, houses, cloths by the people, for the people.

Resource gatherers -- Provide the materials to help make our world a reality!

Social gamers -- Connect the people of our world, manage our communities and cities.

Traders -- An unlimited sandbox for designing radical money-making strategies.

If you want to help us make Connect=ed, visit:
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