Brief summary of P1 forum rules


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Breaking our rules is more based on what you fail to do than one you do. Here at =MGN= kindness and respect rule the day. If you see someone in trouble, help them, if you know someone is having a hard time reach out to them.

Simple summary:
  1. Be kind to all
    1. Reach out to other to help them
    2. Put other's interests before your own
  2. Be mature
    1. Think for yourself
    2. Don't beg, rather be generous
  3. Don't share personal info (Skype, email, phone #, address or anything similar).
If you do these things it's very unlikely you will be banned.

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Issues in detail:

As a mature gaming network there have been a few trends cropping up that I think we would be better to avoid.

Jealousy - Part of being a mature gaming network is putting others ahead of ourselves and caring that they do well. Jealousy and pride of the exact opposite their the effort to make yourself look better than those around you. Don't do things out of spite rather choose to care for others and help them in all they do.

Pity parties - Being a mature gaming network is caring about others. Pity parties are the exact opposite they're about telling people how bad our life is so they feel bad for you. If someone always cries to you about their problems but don't seem to be willing to change it's a good sign you're hearing a pity party.

Gossip - This is almost gone now but I just want to say the principle I try to live by is, don't say anything behind someone's back you aren't ready to say to their face. The only valid criticism is constructive criticism. What I always like to ask is, "how can it be constructive if I don't say it to their face (in a nice way)".

I would love to hear a story of how any of these things have impacted your life.
Looks Like Too Much Rules >_> but anyways Nice Way Of Making The System Clear Of Bad PPL Thank You Red