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I have worked aproximately 3 hours in total between today and yesterday. I have continued my work on the job documentation for the discord bot, thought i was done but got told to add some more stuff, i am not completely done adding this yet.
I have been working not at home on my laptop without DeskTime installed so no time tracking.
Worked 2.5 hours. I continued my work on reworking the discord bot job system, there is still a long way to go but i got a decent amount of work done. 1628102923778.png


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Spent 2 hours 20 minutes UI design and meeting.

Also spent 1 hour on planning stretch goal and organizing on Trello and spent another hour on yesterdays meeting.

Total Hours: 4:20


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I worked a bit over an hour yesterday, i am working on getting to know the current reputation dialog system so i can rework it completely for the new version. 1628623121806.png


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ended up doing 3 hours of recruiting before work-start and 4.5 hours of work (WAY more than I am allowed)

Recruiting apps coming in

Spent the day integrating them:

7.5 hours total.

I have been so busy I was unable to record my hours.


1 Hour working on .job reputation:

And I also worked on .daily.

Fixed trello user integration.

Now clocking all my hours.

0 hours clocked for Aug 10th, Tuesday. WIP.

Yesterday I spent all day fixing my computers. 1 server, 1 work computer.

I also spent 1 hour recruiting in the morning.

0 hours, this does not count.

1 Hour valid.

Sunday I led the event all day:

Vod is all the evdence needed:

I probably worked in the morning too. But let's clock 4.5 hours.


Also an event day:

Messaged about 90 people about Sunday's party.

4.5 hours again.


Led the meetup:

Messaged 96 people a about Saturday party.

4.5 hours again.



Although this was finally posted later, I worked on the game jam rules.

4.5 hours.


Replies to comments on prior recruiting posts.

Made the new #p1creators channel for the main discord:

Small edits from the P1 Creator (whitelogo) discord.

Made the edits for this:

5.5 hours total.


#welcome for P1 main. Including edited video put in there.

5 hours.


Worked on recruiting streamers, replies to posts I made on Sunday and 1-1 follow up with people.

3.5 hours.


Lead meetup.

More streamer recruiting:

Removed name for privacy.

5 hours.

Saturday, 31st.

Lead the MC party, prep for it. Notices for Sunday party

Building contest:

5 hours.

Friday, 30th.

Saturday party notices:

Also direct messages to people for them to come to that meetup.

4 hours.

47 hours total.
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I worked a bit over 2 hours today after a couple of days of being sick. I got a lot of work done on the new discord bot job reputation system, i hope to be done by the end of the week, hope. 1629229821582.png
I worked 2 hours today, i continued my work on the discord bot job system. I have run into some troubles with saving the job stats but im gonna sleep on it and hopefully fix it tomorrow. The 2 code screenshots are just some parts of the code I've worked on, not all of it, as i work on code all over the place.
1629319817839.png 1629319867207.png 1629320986861.png


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I worked a bit over 2 hours. I continued my work with the discord bot job system. I am quite a long way into to it, but i haven't been able to fix the issue i have with storing the job stats and reputation yet.
1629403325236.png 1629403270688.png
I worked 1.5 hours on the discord bot job system. I finally minaged to save the reputation and stats and also got the basic reputation commands in place (Is missing the mention and role support).
1629487644701.png 1629487551400.png