Crafting Jelly

Feature Summary
The Crafting Jelly serves the role of the traditional crafting bench. Through this jelly, players can process their raw resources into items such as gathering/farming tools and toys for jellies to play with. Likewise, the progression of the Crafting Jelly governs the player’s progression in item crafting.

  • Provide players with a means of turning their raw resources into useful items
  • Center the traditional crafting process around one of our cute, friendly jellies
  • Give players a tangible means of progression in crafting within the same progression system as the other jellies.
Feature Components

The Jelly

The crafting jelly is quite the handymanjelly and they look it too. They wear a toolbelt to carry the tools they do their work with. I trust that Ces or some other artist will have better visual ideas than I do so I will leave it at that.

Just like other Jellies, the Crafting Jelly has an unlockable series of abilities

Ability Tree:

When fed, the Crafting Jelly “Splorts” Wood Blocks.

Crafting takes time, the Jelly can only work on one item at a time until you unlock the Extra Crafting Slot ability.

While crafting, the Jelly enters the “Actively Crafting” state, indicating to the player through visuals and sound that they are working on something.

The User Interface

The Crafting Jelly follows the standard Jelly UI, using its ability opens up the crafting popup.



Crafting Recipes

Feature Implementation Needs
  • Crafting system implementation
  • Crafting recipe implementation
  • Crafting menu implementation
  • Crafting Jelly concept art
  • Crafting Jelly 3D model
  • Actively crafting state animation & particle effects
  • Tool icons for crafting menu
  • Actively crafting state sound
  • UI menu clickthrough sound
  • Crafting Done! victorious sound