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There are three elements to the crafting system that we would like to implement into this game:

1) Workbenches
2) Reputation
3) Skill
Only workbenches are needed for MVP atm.

  1. Workbenches:
    • Workbenches are where items are created. Each workbench lends itself to a different series of items you can create.
  2. Reputation:
    • Reputation is a currency you can obtained through good behavior and likeability. It is used to buy blueprints in the academy. Blueprints are needed to craft most items.
      • Every item that a person would need education to craft in physical life will require a blueprint but nothing that wouldn't require an education.
  3. Skill:
    • Players will be able to craft higher durability items as they gain practical skill in crafting certain items. So, on your first time crafting a stone axe, you will have a high likelihood of crafting an axe which is only 10% as durable as an expert’s stone axe. As you craft more axes, your ability to craft more durable axes increases.
It should be noted, for now no “fixing” system will be in the game. Remembering 2 systems rather than just making stone axes slightly easier to craft is an unnecessary use of our time for now.

These 3 limitations on crafting should be utilized to encourage our objectives of realism and player cooperation.

Here are some IDEAS in that regard:

  1. Workbenches:
    • In physical life it's very difficult to pack up everything and move to a new location. logistics play an important role in why do people gather in certain areas. Immobile workbenches could help us encourage the gathering of people.
  2. Reputation:
    • Reputation’s connection with blueprints allows us to encourage cooperative behavior.
  3. Skill:
    • This is all about encouraging specialization and interdependence in the early game.