Design Overview (GDD)

Design Vision Statement
Partnering with Cute Creatures to Build a Sky Island Paradise

This game is a peaceful survival craft game, about working with cute jellies. The player helps the jellies by feeding them, petting them, playing with them, and importantly building them fitting houses and environments. As you help the jellies, they grow and you gain their trust, building a relationship with them. As they grow, they will unlock abilities that they can use to help the player. This is abilities like block production, crafting, cooking, farming, gathering, and boosting movement. Jellies will partially replace or augment the tools and workstations you typically find in survival craft games. Different jellies have different elements, personalities, abilites and needs. A wood jelly might want a water pool to bath in, while a fire jelly wants a lava pool.

Theory: At the end of the game, the player will have build a full jelly village. The player will also have the opportunity to build buildings to fit into the jellies' living space.

The game takes place in a beautiful paradisical world, consisting of floating islands in the sky. The game is completely peaceful, meaning there is no violence or death.

It uses a block system similar to Minecraft, meaning everything is built of blocks, and all blocks can be destroyed, and new blocks can be placed anywhere.

Game Pillars
  1. Compassion - The most important pillar is compassion. The game is centered around the jellies, so the players should love and care about the jellies. They should develop a meaningful personal connection to each jelly. They should love spending time and working with them. They should be happy to take care of them and build them a living space. They should be excited to watch them grow and level up.

  2. Creativity - Theory: The game’s ultimate goal is to build a great village/paradise for yourself and the jellies. So the player should have strong freedom, opportunity, and encouragement to put together the jellies' and their own living space, in a way they and the jellies like.
    The Minecraft-like block system will be essential to achieving great creative freedom.

  3. Exploration - The paradisical world should be exciting to explore, as players will discover beautiful islands, new biomes, fantastic plant life, new resources, and of course new jellies. Exploring should be an integral part of progressing in the game, although it is the least important of the pillars. The starting zone should be familiar and further zones totally other.
Target Demographic
Our game should be playable for very casual gamers or even non-gamers. This means the game should be highly accessible.

Game's like this are more likely to be played by girls and young women but would also include men because it's sandbox nature is non-prescriptive.

The game should be filled with opportunities to show love and care for nature and animals.

Child friendly, but not childish.

We are first going to release on PC, but later we are going to turn the game into a mobile game, to better target the casual non-gamer audience

Similar games:
  • Minecraft
  • Animal Crossing
  • Sonic adventures- Chao Garden
  • Falcon Age VR
  • Pokemon
  • Planet Zoo
  • Slime Rancher
  • Nintendogs
Physiographics (personality types):
The main personality types we seek are:
Caregivers - Believe in "caring and sharing", working together, looking after things and people
Explorers - Interested in personal growth, education, social change, who might want to change the world for the better, or experience life from a different perspective
Creators - Interested in expressing themselves, by making great creations.

Game Mechanics
Jelly trust levels
Note this has been removed for now to deal with balance issues, but it is a goal.
The more you take care of a jelly, the more it trusts you. This is expressed through trust levels. As the jelly levels up, you will unlock trust perks for the jelly, like being able to pet it, carry it and name it. The jelly will also unlock more abilities it can use to help the player.
More Details

Jelly Needs
To level up jellies, you have to fill their needs. This is needs like eating, playing, and sleeping. Needs can be filled directly, by for example feeding a jelly or playing with it. But as jellies level up, they will gain more independence, meaning they can take care of their needs themselves, as long as the player puts down the facilities needed to do so, like plants to eat from, and pools to bathe in. Each jelly has slightly different needs. As a jelly levels up and grows, it gets more needs.
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Jelly Abilities
The jellies have abilities that can help the player and other jellies. This is abilities like block production, crafting, cooking, gathering, and boosting player movement. These abilities are integral to the progress of the game. Some abilities aren’t directly useful, but allow the player to interact with the jellies in different ways, like petting and carrying them. Abilities are unlocked through the trust levels.
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Island hearts
Island hearts is a mechanic that prevents the player from building outside certain areas. Every island has an island heart. It’s the island heart that keeps the islands afloat. Meaning, that if you try to build outside a certain radius of an island heart, the blocks will fall. An Island heart can be upgraded using jelly dew, increasing the radius in which blocks can be placed. An island heart also produces blocks when given jelly dew.
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Jelly dew
Jellies produce jelly dew when they are happy. Jelly dew can be picked up, and given to island hearts. This will in turn increase the building radius of the island hearts, and produce blocks according to type of the island heart.
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Jelly UI
When interacting with a jelly, a UI menu with three pages, will be pulled up. One for quickly using actions for the jelly. One for seeing the status of the jelly, including its trust level, and the status of each of its needs. One for seeing what abilities and needs the jelly will unlock in each level.
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Block System
The game uses a block system similar to Minecraft, meaning everything is built of blocks, and all blocks can be destroyed, and new blocks can be placed anywhere.

In order to get more food, players can plant fruits and vegetables. The crops will then grow, and the player can harvest them to and give them to a Jelly with the seed ability to gain seeds of that crop. Some jellies can also help farming.

Player Incentives
  • Long Term: Build a village for your jellies
  • Long Term: See jellies grow and develop when leveling up
  • Long Term: Gain jellies' trust
  • Short Term: Gain new abilities for jellies
  • Short Term: Fill jelly needs
  • Short Term: Gain materials to take better care of jellies
Gameplay Loop

See Miro

You crash-landed on a sky island populated by friendly jelly creatures.

Art Style/Considerations
  1. Voxel-based
  2. See the inspiration discord channel:Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities
Audio Considerations
See Miro


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