Elemental Slimes

Elemental Slimes

Feature Summary
Elemental slimes are a class of slime that can apply special bonuses & effects to pre-existing items. The players give these slimes a tool or block, which they infuse with their essence, changing the tool or block’s aesthetic and mechanical attributes.

  • Provide the player with diversity of choice in customizing their items
  • Create a function for increasing the breadth of color and texture choice in aesthetics
  • Introduce several unique slime types with room for utility, progression, and awesome art.
Feature Components

Expected Use Cases
  • Player can use elemental slimes to infuse their newly crafted tools with special bonuses
  • Player can use elemental infusion to create tools that look cooler to them
  • Player can use elemental infusion to create blocks that fit their desired aesthetic
  • Player can raise elemental slime loyalty to unlock new interactions and perks
  • Player can house elemental slime near their crafting bench to efficiently infuse newly-crafted tools
  • Player can set playdates between elemental slimes to revel in their mutual joy, and maybe find a special item

Feature Dependencies

External Documents List
Slime types & bonuses table: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FkAIjCckLpHn8o30WA3Y4DJrvi4mZdHhAZ47uWSRwBs/edit?usp=sharing