Open Feedback needed

I love the idea of all of this though I have concerns with balancing and some other things that are at the back of my head.

Having a player-driven economy is amazing though with the small number of players we will have at the start with everything being played basically by the devs/people the devs invite and the world being created like that. I feel it will be a slow start but if we pick up the pace (when the time comes) we can make something amazing and easy flowing.

Now I saw that people can make their own cities and I have a few questions about that as well. Who will own the first city that is made and will each city made be a new server so to speak? Will the person who builds a city be able to build schools, government within their city, choose how many plots of land it has and how much they can sell those plots for vs other cities, choose in a way what the theme/cultural style is there? Will, there be taxes in each city, and will cities have to pay taxes as well, or is it who owns the city basically hit end game and there is no overthrowing so to speak, or rather advancing past that due to you more than likely owning or being able to own any/everything in the game at that time?

My last question I can think of right now is about the nodes/worlds players create though I'm not sure if this is the thread to talk about that.

I have a lot more to talk about but I'll start with this.


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I like how open ended the ideas are right now, and looking forward to seeing how open things can stay as things develop. Like the time-crunch idea and of speeding through "night" or when people sleep. In the early days of the whole game when there are fewer players, and/or in early days of a single player's introduction to the game (maybe they start in a single-player only mode for a while at first?), time could move faster; i.e. skip through the long time for creation of significant things, skip through the boring 'school years' etc. Make it easier/faster to learn new things and get established, e.g. plant a garden? maybe it fruits/flowers the next day so you can learn the next steps for harvest/selling etc. Building your house? Or a city? Maybe the forests regenerate instantly so you can get enough wood quickly etc. Then as things open up to larger populations time slows down, and this encourages people to have to trade with others for what they have already produced rather than waiting longer periods to produce it themselves.