Foraging Module - Chapter 1 - Nutrition (Outdated)


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Background & Context:

Read this first.

Step 1 Nutrition:

This first part of the game is all about finding valuable food sources and discovering recipes. In this part of the game, needs and not wants dominate your life.

Drinking and eating, living meal-to-meal.

You do not sleep or need shelter yet.

Everything depends on one thing, energy.

On the top left of the screen, you have an energy bar. The more full the energy bar, the faster you walk/run. 0/10 is REALLY slow. 1/2 of the currency walking speed. If your energy goes down to 2/10 you get an option that pops up “Give Up.”

If people click it, they respawn with no inventory.

[][][][][][][][][][] (one single bar made of 10 units, yellow in color).

This energy bar loses 10% of its fullness every 6 min of play.

This makes the search for food a constant futile battle that needs to be overcome through improvements in technology.

All around the world are simple, edible foods such as mushrooms. You can pick them up and eat them at will but they provide you only 1/100 of your hourly food need.

Finding 100 within an hour is possible but it takes you all day (1 hour).

So how do you solve this problem?

Cooked foods provide from 3-5% of your need.

However, when different cooked food is combined, you get double value. This value doubles again if 2 types of cooked food are eaten. This doubling happens again when 3 types of cooked food are eaten:

5%+5%=10% x2=20%

5+5+5=15, x3=45

5+5+5+5=20 x4=80

You can see how quickly what once was a massive problem becomes easily solved.



Mushroom = 0.10 of one energy bar each.

22 calories each these are basically a useless food designed to encourage you to think creatively.

(Blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries) = 0.10

Mid value:

2.5% of whole or 1/4 of ONE energy bar.


High value:

5% of energy bar

Meats, must be cooked
Nuts, double when roasted

All of these foods can be combined to create a multiplier:

0.5+5+2.5=8 x3=24%


The first 10% of your energy bar is blue. This is your water bar. Without it full, you cannot gain energy no matter what you eat. Doing so gives you the error “You need to drink water first.” + a water icon to make it language-independent.

To solve this issue you just have to click on any body of water (salty or not for now).

Moreover, it is essential that we have some form of natural springs or rivers that people can use to drink water in our game.

You should always spawn next to 1 and I would like to suggest that they become more infrequent as you go on with a minimum of 1x per 25 loaded chunks.

Physical Life:

Now we have some very important questions to solve in which it's imperative that we duplicate the pressures of real life without creating an oppressive game. This is going to take time and iteration.

In physical life water is one of the most essential drivers of social organization. It’s why Egypt was where urbanization started.

The key factors are:


In physical life transporting things is very difficult. However I tend to hate games where your inventory gets full all of the time. How do we balance this? How do we make this fun?


Since you can carry so little I think it would be fun to have a little bit of a puzzle game with how we carry things. Each item would be a different size in your inventory. You would need to fit them in:

Think of it similar to Tetris but with special rules.

I'd love to see your guys and take on this but I guess it's a stretch goal for now.

In the meantime we want to mimic physical life as much as possible. This means storage is key.

Animals and boats would provide transport vessels for moving.



Crafting recipe:

10 sticks = kindling

10 reeds == rope

Stick + Rope = Bow drill


10 sticks = wicker basket. Wicker basket can be used to store goods but only 1 can be carried at any given time.

MISC Craftable Items:

Cup for water
Trading post
Wicker basket
Food smoker
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