Foraging reimagined


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So far we have attempted to do a game which is the 1st slice of something much bigger. This has forced us to think big with our game and thinking-big is hindering us from keeping things simple.

If I've learned anything over the last 50+ games I tried to make, keeping it simple is really important, especially for newbies like us.

We need to set our sights on a small doable goal, something so simple we will be able to learn the process A-Z before moving on to bigger stuff.

So I was thinking, how could we make a game that is small, but fun. Something people on P1 will want to play.

1st up, we are going to need a lot of limitations. Our 1st attempt will be small and we need to make small fun.

Therefore, I propose the following:

Land reclamation:

A game similar to forager/skyblock but 1st person, A LOT slower and with a building mechanic.

This island will be really small. Your goal is to open up more land.

Let’s break that down:

Forager: It’s a really small game at the core, making it doable for us.

1st person: This will allow us to avoid animations for now

Slower: Imagine checking daily to see what new plants have grown, to enjoy new seasons etc. It will be more like farmville in that way.

Building: Just the ability to mine blocks and place them one on another, allowing you to make your island a home.

Farming and decorating will also be key:

Farming: Gives you a reason to get lots of land.

Decorating: Female audience as key to the cozy/friendly atmosphere we want to keep. Also, we have TONS of amazing looking assets, might as well use em.

The stretch goal if people like the game is to make it so that you can visit other people's islands.

How will you gain land?

You can only build on land you create, however, you can discover other lands where you can mine, find rarer plants etc.

How will Eagles play a role?

You can upgrade your harvesting/tilling/crafting/mining speed with Eagles.

What will the programming sprints look like:

💎 Ability to spawn, cut down trees, get wood

- Blocky, flat floor with water around it

- Invisible wall to keep you going in water

- Click to chop tree

- Tree becomes wood blocks

💎 Ability to add land-cubes to your starter island. Ability to save.

- Inventory/hotbar in which tree icon spawns when you pick up wood (walk over to pick up)

💎 Get Eagles from mining stuff, 1/6 chance per item you mine, 1/40 chance of getting a treasure chest of 30 Eagles.

💎Energy bar, ability to get mushrooms/berries

- Energy bar depletes at 10%/6 min.

- Slower when energy bar low

- Ability to pick up berries, eat, gain energy (simple version = 1 berry, 1/10 health given)

💎Ability to “build” crafting table, craft.

💎Ability to plant or consume food. Ability to plant tree saplings

💎Iron, other minerals

- Better tools to farm better, ability to craft metal tools.

💎Ability to take up blocks from the ground, build with them

💎 Stones spawn over time, ability to pick up stone and build with it

💎 Divide up blocks wood into smaller chunks of wood

💎Ability to breed rare animals using rare seeds

💎Ability to sell animal products to create goodies

💎Seasons as a threat to crops, storms

-- Warm clothing = less energy loss to cold

What will the art sprints look like:

🔶 Create all basic blocks in all seasons

🔶 Create all trees in all seasons

🔶 Create craftables

🔶 Create lovable creatures to find. Animate them.

Other tasks:

💚 Concept art for forager-style game

💚 Design all crafting tree