Gathering Mechanics

Interactive Timed Action - Pickaxe & Axe
After the first instantaneous hit a circle appears on the screen and it gets smaller and smaller. Once the outer yellow circle is over the green circle, the player can tap and get a bonus for his hit. The bonus could be that the hit does 125% damage to the object. If you press when the circle is over the red you get an even bigger bonus of 150%. We can add flavor text and effects like "Perfect" or something to improve the feel and reward of timing the tap perfectly.

Each circle should take 1 second to go from biggest size to smallest size. If the tap is a success then the green circle will explode and form the next circle for the cycle to loop. If the tap is a failure then the circle will turn fully red and keep on going until it gets to it's smallest form and disappear. Only then will the next circle appear.

The animation should show the tool actually hitting the object every second, if you remember this coincides with the timing of the circles.

How many hits an object will take to break will be based on how much energy is spent to break it. These numbers are subject to change but here they are:



Freeform Swinging - Sickle

This gathering method would see the player swing the camera around while holding the sickle to gather any of the crops 2 blocks around him. If the cursor is vaguely near enough a crop while "Swinging" then that crop will be picked up. There is no limit to how much you can gather and it is instantaneous. This is fast gathering at its finest.

Animation Lock - Shovel
When you want to hit an object with the shovel, the game will lock you into an animation. This animation shows the player planting the shovel into the ground strongly and after a split second of effort shooting it out of the ground towards the sky.
This animation would take 2 entire seconds at first but as you get better tools would go down to about 0.5 seconds.

Link to the Miro board with this same information: