Hello, good folks!


New member
My name is: Aleksander (you can call me Alex or Olo)
What I love. That's a hard question. But for the purpose of this introduction I would say, plotting stories, and Video games :)
Games I play: The one that I want to play: (Currently Dark Souls trilogy, Life is Strange and God of War 2018)
When I started gaming: Around 8 yro, when I got my PlayStation
What you like about P1/how you found it: I'm here for a few days, but actually I'm enchanted by kindness and "maturness" of folks that are part of this.
I'm not much of a "community" guy, never found my place, let it be video game guild or forum, but maybe it will change thanks to P1:)
I came here through Game Dev League Discord and sheer curiousness.