How to conduct an interview for [P1-OM]


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🔷 Let's talk about conducting interviews here at [P1-OM].

🔹The goal of an interview is simply to discover if a person read the about section of the forum and hand them an exam.

🔹Unlike a traditional interview It's all about figuring out if the person would be a good fit for the team. All we care about is initiative here and unless you see serious red flags, if they read the forum, pass them.

🔶 Possible red flags:

🔸Serious issues when it comes to attitude


🔸Seemingly unethical.

To reject someone, simply tell them that you will get back to them about the interview. End the meeting and let me know. Remind me to disable all permissions before we let them know they did not pass.

🔷🔷 How to conduct an interview

First you need to read about section of the forum & know it well.

🔷 0) Welcome them in a deeply positive way that brings across our culture "I'm so glad to have you part of this and I'm excited that you've decided to join us."

🔷 1) Ask them “During the sign-up process you were asked to read the about section of the Forum, did you read it?” If they say no, send them back to read it.

- If yes: “Can you ask me two questions based on what you read, don't go to the forum now, we want you to do this based on memory.”

- On the forum you can see who is online:


- If you click them you can see if they are looking at the about section or not.

- Often people have not read the forum and they come up with questions not relevant to what is written there. Answer the question politely and then ask them particularly for a question that has to do with only the about section of the forum.


Interviewee: “I'm curious how the Trello works”

Interviewer: As politely as possible: Right now what I'm looking for is to prove that you read the forum, can you ask me a question related to the forum? I will answer the one about the trello right away after if that is ok.

🔹 If they “pass”:

Now is your opportunity to ask me any questions about any part of anything you read so far and how you can be part of this team.

🔸 If they “fail”:

If you can do me a favor and go back to the about section of the forum and ask me any questions related to it. Let's schedule a time right now to meet back.

🔷 2) Now it's time to explain to them our culture and how we can help them: “Here at P1 we are all about putting people first so I’d love to hear from you, where do you see yourself in 5 years and how can we help YOU get there!”

🔷 3) Next, you want to introduce them to the academy:

Show them around and ask them which career would interest them.

Have them copy this card to the ACTION Trello and ask them to go through each step in their own time. Assign them to the card and give them 3 days to complete it.

🔷 4) Now you want to assign them their exam:

You want to continue by giving them any sort of tasks on the Trello. "Before we allow anyone to be an official member of our team we challenged them with a single exam. If you complete the exam on time then you're on the team but the key is that you can set your own deadline."

This requires serious improvisation as sometimes it requires coming up with a task.

If you REALLY can't find a task, have them record themselves playing the game for 30 min as first-time player feedback is deeply valuable. Here is an example of such a task:

That task is a last resort. Try to find something they can do that is not that and relates to their desired career path. Give them a task that does not waste their time but progresses our team.

🔹If they are a programmer obviously you want to give them a programming exam however it's no exam related to their particular field is available then what you need to do is give them a check our Reuseable Exam List:

🔷 5) **URGENT** Please tell them to finish by typing .iam Interview Complete in 👋-apply-game-dev if you approve of them.

🔷 6) Pair programming -- If you can find someone else who needs the same task in the same day, pair them both up on the task and have them exchange feedback with each other.
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🔷How do I find out if someone needs an interview?
Look under #apply-game-dev, you should get tagged:
Also, once you become an interviewer, make sure I or whoever is in charge of the sign up form puts your email in the backend so you get notices of new sign ups.


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💎If someone can't do their exam right away, find them an exam they can do as exams only have value to us if they can do them in 4-5 days max. Shorter the timeline the better.

If they need GIT access to do their task, don't leave until they have that access. Bug me or whoever else until we have it sorted.

💎YOU MUST tell the person to REPORT BACK TO YOU once their exam task is done.

💎Once they are done a the task, you need to send them the Welcome to [P1-OM] Creators! 🥰 form. If you don't have a copy, ask me in Discord. Please also update their role on Discord as follows >>
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