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As we said in the sign-up, we are doing what we are doing for free for fun. I want to give you what I believe you guys deserve BUT I am in no position to create guarantees of any sort as this would open up serious legal liabilities and I am not able to cover at this point. Don't help me out of you don't trust me at my word.

I envision a system in which those who work, get rewarded according to the work they do.

We have a big vision and we need a LOT of help! We want to reward those who help by giving them the revenue the game earns.

Understanding how we monetize the game:

Our idea is to make the game free to play. Players will be able to earn “Eagles” for free or pay for them. When they pay for Eagles, P1 will earn that money and that money will in turn go to those who helped make the game.

How revenue will be split:

Part 1: Earning Golden Eagles

Projects: Every single month projects will be posted on this forum. Each project will have a set amount of Hours that you get for completing the task.
Positions: Every once in a while, positions will also open up. These positions will enable those who have them to clock Hours as they work.

At the end of each month, an auction will happen in which X number of Golden Eagles will come up for sale.
What are Golden Eagles?
Golden Eagles are a long term claim on revenue made by Connect=ed.
During these auctions, you can bid your Hours to get Golden Eagles. Golden Eagles are a promise to be given a % of the revenue of P1 Connect=ed as we grow.

Every month in which P1 sells $200 or more for/via its game Connect=ed, that revenue will be split based on who held Golden Eagles in the particular month.

That means if you owns 10/10 Golden Eagles in circulation in the first month of development, you would earn 100% of our 1st-month of release income.

Part 2: The monthly auction

At the end of each month, we will hold an auction. In it we will generate 15% more Golden Eagles total.

Month 1: 10 new Golden Eagles for sale.
Month 2: 1.5 new Golden Eagles for sale.
Month 3: 1.7
Month 4: 2
2.3... etc.

This means rather than buying 10% of month-1 revenue, if you hold 1 Golden Eagle in month one, you would get a % of each month following as-well spreading out your risk/reward:

If you hold 1 Golden Eagle in Month one...

Month 2: 8.7% of income goes to you
Month 3: 7.6%
Month 4: 6.6%
Month 5: 5.7%

Investments and Eagles

Rather than holding 1 single auction for all the Golden Eagles, we will do 10 (100 when demand rises). This will allow everyone to become a stake-holder. 10% of these will be for real money to raise capital for discretionary expenses and 10% will be for normal Eagles.​
This will allow us to reward investors and players too!​
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Testing the value of Golden Eagles:

If you want to know how much 1 G-Eagle is worth in the long-term, open up this spread sheet.

Put in a number here:

Then, put in a number here:

There you are basically choosing what month you want to buy G-Eagles and how many you want to buy. Please buy as a % of the total (2nd column). 1 G-Eagle in month 12 will earn you nothing as there will be too many in circulation.

If you plan to give away 100% of P1 Connect=ed's revenue, how will you cover expenses?

Discretionary expenses:

1) We plan to depend on generous donors for optional expenses such as extra marketing.
2) We hope to raise funds using 10%-20% of the Golden Eagles.

Essential expenses:

1) Note: The revenue we are giving away is after taxes and hard-costs such as server hosting.
2) I will probably do 50% of all the work in the early days, allowing me to cover some expenses.
3) All P1 revenue outside of P1 Connect=ed will still go to P1.
4) Any expenses will be credited toward me at a rate of $5 an Hour (example, if I pay $10, I would get 2 Hours towards the next auction) so I can be compensated for covering those expenses in the long term. I will have to pay them out of pocket until P1 Connect=ed makes money but I will get a little more once it does.
5) If I cannot manage expenses personally, I will auction off Hours P1 earns from the Golden Eagles auctions to raise funds. This can only be done to cover mandatory expenses as approved by Golden Eagle owners "The Golden Council" in a majority vote.
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6) If there serious legal issues that would take up more than 10% of profit to cover, all payments will be put on hold if needed until legal costs are covered to be sure we don't lose the legal battle.
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How many $ do I need to be owed to cash out?

I have no idea how this works at scale but $20 seems reasonable and $100 if things get harder. We want to keep those numbers low.

Are the prices in USD or CAD?

We try to do most things in CAD but I found this might be easier for people in USD so its USD.

What happens if one month we don't earn $200?

We skip that month. It counts for nothing.

How will all these values be calculated?

Discord bot.

We are not going to be earning money right away, how does it work when in month 1 I own 50% of all Golden Eagles and $200 is not earned in month 1.

Month 1 is the first month we earn $200 so just hang in there until we do!

I want to get paid right away rather than wait, how can I do so?

I would love it if people could sell their Golden Eagles via our auction command for real money. Exploring that option!

I have Eagles and I want Golden Eagles, how do I get them using Eagles?

It would be cool if you could trade Golden Eagles for Eagles and vice versa. Exploring that option! Just don't count on me being able to pay people who don't have Paypal.
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Without further delay, this program is now a-go!

Couple things:

Our first auction can only happen when the bot is done, but we can start gathering Hours now to buy Golden Eagles when the auctions are ready.

You can clock Hours for jobs and get Hours for Help Requests if they list them.

How to clock hours:

Click here >>
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Slight update before things get rolling, I made the numbers 15% new G-Eagles in auctions to reward YOU the starting people even more.


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UPDATE: Sunday we voted on some big changes:

1) Now all P1 revenue will be added to the Connect=ed pot, allowing P1 to reach the $200 minimum faster

2) All Hours spent making P1 work will be Clockable

3) This means when I cover costs I have to cover them upfront myself mostly.

Before this, when I was considering how I would make things sustainable for myself, I was thinking about splitting up the revenue we gained from the game and the community, keeping the community bit for me.
3) All P1 revenue outside of P1 Connect=ed will still go to P1.
However, because we are making a community-based game there just wasn't any ethical or transparent way of doing this. It would be too easy to manipulate essentially and therefore it wouldn't be in line with our values. Namely people could buy Eagles in the Discord only to use them in game and it would count as going to the community. In the end having these two separate pots made no sense.

This new update is great for those of you guys who are interested in making revenue with us because I'm essentially sharing my fate with you.

I should mention a couple special caveats. I'm working with a development team to develop a Minecraft server in which we prototype this idea also. Because we are not doing most of the work, (we are lending our brand and idea) they will keep some of the MC revenue upfront. This is still to be worked out and I will update you with the details.

When it comes to donations and the golden patreon tiers, as long as we provide game keys or other paid content in exchange for these tiers they will not go into the central bucket because they come at a heavy cost to P1 (we need their tier money to give them the promised goods). However I am earnestly considering phasing those out in favour of a system where people directly support our development on Patreon and get Connect=ed game perks instead.

I realize all that's a bit messy and confusing right now but I think in a couple months time all of this becomes one thing. That’s why I am starting this transition Aug 31.