Introduce Yourself

Name: darkzy
What I love to do: I love to play PC games, watch anime, K drama, mangas, and try to experiment with the work I have done so far in unity.
Games I Play: Dark Souls 3, Elden Ring, Path Of Exile, Have a nice Death, Destiny2, Terraria, etc.
When I Started Gaming: I started gaming when I was in 8th Pokemon games (Console games) now I love to play MMORPGs.
What you like about P1/how you found it: Well I just started making games and it's like one year and the thing that I like about this server is that I get a lot of experience that can help me boost up my skills
Name: AlmostSmart (TJ)
What I love to do: Studying and learning new skills including Blender, Unity, and Adobe Premiere. I also play coop games with my friends from back home and also play basketball for a rec team.
Games I play: V Rising, Sea of Thieves, Project Zomboid, Phasmophobia (VR), and other VR games.
When I started gaming: I don't remember a time I didn't play games. Either original Mario Bros. or Bubble Bobble.
What you like about P1/how you found it: Found out about P1 on the metaverse subreddit and was really impressed by its professionalism and how its values align with my own. I'm looking forward to learning a lot and contributing as much as I can.
Hello all!
To whom it may concern my name is Landon Kane Lofstrom, Lando of sky-city some call it Canada, BC, Van ISLE ;) I am 33-year-old, or at least I think lol I'm getting too old don't want to keep track anymore :) and I am looking forward to getting to know you all! I see this as a great opportunity to meet some awesome people and learn to code!
I have wanted to learn to code since the beginning of time!! and I am pretty tech savy.

Looking forward to chatting and seeing how this works if I get lucky enough and am accepted.

Humble Regards,