Jelly Dew


Feature Summary
Jellies produce jelly dew when they are happy. Jelly dew can be picked up, and given to island hearts. This will in turn increase the building radius of the island hearts, and produce blocks according to type of the island heart.

  • Make jellies integral to progression and resource gathering
  • Feel natural, and not like an exchange between the player and the jelly
  • The mechanic should be as simple and easy to understand as possible
Feature Components
Production of jelly dew
Jellies will at any time produce jelly dew passively at a rate according to the jelly’s happiness meter. Specifically, the interval between each time a jelly produces a piece of jelly dew should be seconds equal to some variable called “base production speed” (or something like that) divided by the happiness value of the jelly. base production speed could for example be 500. When a piece of jellydew is produced, it is dropped on the ground, for the player to pick up.
More about the happiness meter can be found here:
Jelly Needs

Using jelly dew
Jelly dew can be given to island hearts. This increases the building radius of the island heart. When giving jelly dew to the island heart, the heart also produces blocks. The block type of the island heart determines what block is produced. The jelly dew however, also has a type (according to the jelly who produced it). If the type of the jelly dew and the island heart is matching, a larger amount of blocks will be produced.
More about the island hearts can be found here:
Island Hearts

Example Visual

Jelly Dew is inspired by honey dew, which some ants produce.

What should be manipulable in the unity editor
  • Base production speed of each jelly
  • The jelly dew type of each jelly

Considerations and Dependencies
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