Jelly Ideas

Brainstorming about Jellies and Abilities:

Some abilities will be in multiple jellies, because those may fit into those. That doesn’t mean that all will have the same abilities in the end. It’s just ideas.

For now, abilities are separated by movement abilities and Misc. Once the ability categories have been decided, all these will be sorted out appropriately.

Air/wind Jelly:

Movement Abilities:

  • Sprint
  • Super jump
  • Double jump
  • Glide
  • Air dash?
  • Fly? (short flight)
  • Will there be climbing? Stamina? If so, stamina efficiency/expansion or/and Climbing speed/ jump while climbing
  • Low gravity?/Air up current?
  • Increased air movement control

  • Air blast (to shake trees/fruits)
  • Put out fire with air blast
  • Quick collect planted vegetables with air blast (all out of the ground at once)
  • Windmill more speed/efficiency
  • Breath under water

Fire Jelly:

Movement Abilities:

  • Movement speed (fire boots?)
  • High jump (using an explosion at feet?)
  • Cannon propulsion (shoots the player in the desired direction)
  • Melt ice barriers/walls
  • A kind of dynamite to make holes/destroy hard blocks?

  • Lit fire (fireplace/torch)
  • Furnace efficiency
  • Warm room/area (more pleasant for other slimes)
  • Fast dry food
  • Access to frozen items (like if something is inside an ice cube)

Grass Jelly:

Movement Abilities:

  • Movement speed on grass
  • Vine climb up/down
  • Trampoline (either jumping on the jelly or creating a flower/mushroom trampoline)
  • Grappling hook (grappling vine)? To swing or propulse?
  • Slide downhill


  • Faster/better vegetable/fruit growth
  • Healing/nursing other jellies
  • Provide vegetable seeds
  • Increase weed block resistance (using vegetation as reinforcement)
  • Wood chopping efficiency (faster or more loot?)

Rock Jelly:

Movement Abilities:

  • Walk underwater (weight increase. Stone shoes/Jacket?)
  • Quick block creation (dirt/sand block? temporal block)
  • Quick bridge (same as before, temporal)
  • Climb rock walls
  • Walk on big sphere rock (vehicle)

  • Destruction of hard blocks/Hammer(break) tool efficiency increase
  • Soil mineralization (more efficient growth for plants/fruits)
  • Block resistance increase
  • Salt creation (for food recipes)
  • Temporal metal tools
  • Increase rock block resistance
  • Pound/smash tree to make it’s fruits fall

Wood Jelly

Movement Abilities:

  • Vine grapple hook
  • Glide using a leaf
  • Climb wood/trees
  • Boat to move through water (vehicle?)/Ride on the jelly on the water
  • Rackets for fast walk on snow biome
  • Skis for the snow (fast if going down)

  • Provide quick wood for a fireplace/torch/furnace
  • Temporal wooden tools
  • Increase wood block resistance
  • Easier craft for tools (various ways: simply providing wood. Or giving crafted shafts/handles, increasing furnace/craft speed for wood-related tools).
  • Faster tree growth
  • Vine to grab away stuff (like fruits on trees)
  • Provide seed trees

Ice Jelly

Movement Abilities:

  • Faster movement (freeze the ground/ice boots to slide)
  • Water freezing (also maybe a cascade/waterfall freezing to climb it?)
  • Ramp creation (like putting a ramp at the end of a hill, then go up and fast slide down to it to jump further).
  • Walk on lava/hot areas?

  • Cool area (make an area less hot)
  • Freeze food (adds food recipes)
  • Make certain blocks less resistant to be destroyed
Water Jelly

Movement Abilities:

  • Swim/Fast swim
  • Walk on water
  • Fast underwater movement (submarine?)
  • Faster movement if it’s raining

  • Water the plants/trees
  • Create drinkable water
  • Tending/nursing ill jellies
  • Creation of a pool/bath for jellies to swim/enjoy/bath

Fruity Jelly

Movement Abilities:

  • Food buffs for speed/jump/stamina?

  • Provide fruit seeds
  • Field fertilizer
  • Can feed other jellies

Raccoon Jelly

Movement Abilities:

  • Faster movement

  • Stealing berries and hiding them by carrying

Cat Jelly

Movement Abilities:

  • Can climb(?)
  • Can jump further/higher

  • Gathers berries and gives them to the player

Pig Jelly

Movement Abilities:

  • Fast swim movement

  • Player can ride this jelly (maybe requires a saddle item)


  • Water+Ice jelly to create temporal blocks
  • Ice+fire to do bigger explosions
  • Wind+Water jelly to have ultra-speed on water
  • Water+fruit jellies to have better food buffs
  • Wood+Grass jelly to instant growth of plants/trees (long cooldown?)
  • Fire+Air to have a flamethrower, used to quickly clear vegetation
  • Wood+Rock to create temporal tools
- Jelly: does nothing except being the cutest friendly companion EVER.
- Trampoline Jelly: when you stomp on this jelly or run into this jelly, you get a jump boost when running on him or jumping on him while he is squished.
- Speed Jelly: when you stomp on this jelly or run into this jelly, you get a speed boost when running on him while he is squished.
- Wind Jelly: he will either suck or blow wind to propel a player a certain direction (the way it’s facing) and works like a wind whirl/tractor beam.
- Lick Jelly: you can use this jelly for multiple things, pressing the interaction key will shoot his tongue to where you aim, you can use his tongue as a bridge, grappling hook or for swinging to a new island using a ceiling.
- Canon Jelly: the canon jelly will shoot you to a certain position, this jelly has a fixed distance but can be moved if enabled in his parameters (you can also lock him in a fixed location).
- Bomb Jelly: the bomb jelly is an enemy jelly and will try to blow the player up when in proximity. he will however flash, indicating he is going to explode soon. The nearby blocks will become items on the ground and the player will either die or get launched into the air.
You can stomp on the bomb jellies to stop them from exploding and then you can pick them up when they are on their backs (instead of being squished). They will also fall on their backs if you ram into them using a speed jelly. When placing this jelly on the ground again he will start the detonation again with the indication.
- Hugger Jelly: the enemy jelly is an enemy jelly (duh) and will try to push the player of the island. With one he won’t be that much of a problem, however with an army of these you better watch out!
- Projectile Jelly: will try to shoot the player using slime balls, these won’t do damage, but will launch the player a certain direction, watch out as you might fall into the void! This mechanic can be used to reached higher areas by jumping on projectiles as well similar to the trampoline jelly.
- Parachute Jelly: when jumped on this jelly will temporarily turn into a big balloon of air. After that when picked up you can use this as a glider/parachute to traverse large pits.
Jelly Abilities
Burn Obstacle: Fire Jelly after level 5 allows the player to burn a wooden wall or barricades to access another Island or another part of the island to visit more jellies.

Breathe Underwater: Water Slime after level 4 allows the player to swim underwater for a periodic time without consuming oxygen

Burrow: Pig Jelly after level 3 can go underground at specific spots to find items to give to other jellies

Earth Raise: Wood Jelly after level 2 to make a platform that the player can jump on to access unreachable areas.

Tornado Draft: Air Jelly after level 2 produces an updraft of wind to let the player hover for a couple of seconds could be used to bypass an obstacle or reach a zone not accessible by regular jumping.

Cat Scratch: Cat Jelly at level 1 can harvest from particular plants and bushes to get items for other jellies

Garden Patch: Wood Jellies could grow a random plant or crop in-game every 3 days for harvest by a player passively

Rock Construction: Rock Jellies at level 3 can build bridges across to access more islands without the player needing to jump

Nature’s Boon: Fruity Jellies can upgrade the effects of food recipes by a certain percentage per level

Resource Detect: Pig Jellies can detect resources found on islands within a certain distance for the player to find and collect.
Jelly Abilities
Rock Jelly Can dig for items like metal ore and other crating mats but when the Jelly digs it uses energy and how the jelly gets its energy back by eating things the player feeds to the jelly.

Fire Jelly Can use energy to make metal ore into usable bars that can be used on the crafting bench.

The gameplay loop for these two abilities would be:

  1. The player would have to find a Rock Jelly
  2. The Player would then feed the Rock Jelly to get its energy up
  3. The Player would then have the Rock Jelly dig for items
  4. After the Rock Jelly digs a few times the player should have some metal ore
  5. The Player would have to find a Fire Jelly
  6. The Player would then have to feed the Fire Jelly to get its energy up
  7. Once the Fire Jelly gets its energy up the player will be about to have it turn the metal ore into bars
  8. The Player can take the metal bars over to the workbench to craft things (for ex: a metal ladder to reach a high place that can be jumped to)