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Feature Summary
To level up jellies, you have to fill their needs. This is needs like eating, playing, sleeping and bathing. Needs can be filled by directly, by for example feeding a jelly or playing with it. But as jellies level up, they will gain more independence, meaning they can take care of their needs themselves, as long as the player put down the facilities needed to do so. For example, if you plant fruits for the jelly, it can eat it itself, or you could make a swing that the jelly can play with on it’s own. That way it becomes more about building a good environment and home for the jelly.
Each jelly have slightly different needs. As a jelly levels up and grows, it gets more needs.

  • Encourage the player to take of the jellies
  • Encourage the player build good living spaces for the jellies
  • Encourage the player to keep improving how well they take care of each jelly
  • Make each jelly feel distinct
  • Start simple and increase in complexity as game progreses
  • Don't be too annoying for the player to have to fill
  • Be as simple and intuitive as possible
Feature Components

Need meters
For each need, there is a meter. The meter goes from 0 to a max value. This need meter shows how satisfied the jelly is with the need. If it's 0 it's completely unsatisfied, if it's at the max value, it's comepletely satisfied.
Each jelly also has a happiness meter, which represents the jellies' overall satisfaction. This meter goes from 0 to the combined max value of all its needs. The value of the meter is equal to the value of all needs combined. At any time, the jelly passively gains XP for the trust levels based on it's happiness meter. The happiness meter has be above 50 % for the jelly to gain XP. If it is, the jelly gains XP equal to the value of the happiness meter minus half the max value of the happiness meter, every minute. In other words, the jelly gains XP equal to how much above half the happiness meter is. The jelly doesn't however lose xp, if the happiness meter is under 50%.

Full filling needs
In the beginning, the player has to fill every need directly. That means they for example have to feed the jelly to fill their hunger need, play with them to fill their play need, bathe them to fill their cleanliness need ect. However, when the player have filled a need enough times, the jelly will learn to take care of it itself, if the player has put down the facility for the jelly to do so. For example, if they have planted a berry bush, the jelly will learn to eat from that berry bush. If you have made a bath for the jelly, it will learn to bathe in it itself, when it is dirty. These facilities have to be within the jellies area (more details on jelly area here). Specifically, if the jelly has learned independence for a need, then when the need meter drops below 75% of its max value, the jelly will try to fill the need as best it can using the facilities in its area.

When full filling a need, the amount added to the need meter, will depend on how well the need is fulfilled. This means for example that some food will bring more satisfaction for the hunger need than others, and that some toys will bring more satisfaction to the play need than others.
Different jellies can also have different prefrences, as in they prefer a different types of food, toys and beds, depending on their type. Some needs all jellies will have, while some needs might be exclusive to one or a few jellies.

When the jelly levels up
As a jelly levels up, it gains new needs. So in the begining a jelly might only have a hunger and a sleep need, but later it will have many needs. The max value of old needs also increases, meaning you have to improve how well you take care of the need.

Need List
A list of descriptions of specific jelly needs, can be found here.

Example Visual

Considerations and Dependencies

What should be manipulable in the unity editor
  • What needs each jelly have
  • At what level each need becomes active for each jelly
  • The max of each need meter for each jelly for each level
  • How many times a need have to be filled, before a jelly gains independence for it.
  • How fast each need decay for each jelly.
  • Settings for individual needs (details in the individual need pages)


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