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Feature Summary
The more you take care of a jelly, the more it trusts you. This is expressed through trust levels. As the jelly levels up, you will unlock trust perks for the jelly, like being able to pet it, carry it and name it. The jelly will also unlock more abilities it can use to help the player.

  • Establish relationship between player and jelly
  • Motivate player to take care of jelly
  • Give sense of progression
Feature Components
Jelly Needs
To level up jellies, you have to fill their needs. This is needs like eating, playing and sleeping. Needs can be filled by directly, by for example feeding a jelly or playing with it. But as jellies level up, they will gain more independence, meaning they can take care of their needs themselves, as long as the player put down facilities needed to do so. For example, if you plant fruits for the jelly, it can eat it itself, when they grow, or you could make a swing that the jelly can play with on it’s own. That way it becomes more about building a good environment and home for the jelly.
Each jelly have slightly different needs. As a jelly levels up and grows, it gets more needs.
Based on the jelly needs, the jelly have an overall happiness meter. When the happiness meter is above 50 %, the jelly will passively gain XP for the trust levels. The higher the meter is above 50 %, the faster the jelly will gain XP.
More details on jelly needs can be found here:
Jelly Needs

When a jelly levels up, it unlocks new abilities to use. There are two types of abilities, helping abilities and trust abilities. Helping abilities are abilities the jelly can use to help the player and other jellies. This is abilities like crafting, cooking, gathering, and boosting player movement. Trust abilities, are things the jelly let’s the player do because they trust him/her more. This is things like, carrying the jelly, petting it, and naming it.
As the jelly levels up some already unlocked abilities will also upgrade.

More details on jelly abilities can be found here:
Jelly Abilities

Example Visual
Jelly levels visualised

What should be manipulable in the unity editor
  • Max level of each jelly
  • What abilities each jelly can unlock
  • At what level each jelly unlocks each ability
  • At what level abilities upgrade
  • At what level abilities upgrade
  • The needs of each jelly (More Details)
Considerations and Dependencies

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