Jelly UI

Feature Summary
When interacting with a jelly, a UI menu with three pages, will be pulled up. One for quickly using actions for the jelly. One for seeing the status of the jelly, including it’s trust level, and the status of each of it’s need. One for seeing what abilities and needs the jelly will unlock in each level.

  • Give players the ability to easily use actions for jellies
  • Give players see relevant information about each jelly
  • Be quick and easy to use
Feature Components
Use Action Page
This the page that will first be open, when opening the UI. It will show a button for each ability currently unlocked for the jelly. Pressing those buttons will close the UI menu and perform the action.

More about the jelly abilities:
Jelly Abilities

Status Page
The status page will show the current trust level of the jelly and the progress towards the next level. It will also show the status each need, the jelly curently has unlocked, as well las it's overall happiness meter.

More about jelly needs:
Jelly Needs

Level Tree Page
The level tree page will show a list of trust levels, and for each level what abilities will be unlocked and upgraded, and what needs will be unlocked. If the list is larger, than what can be in the UI menu, there should be a slide bar to navigate it.

More about trust levels:
Jelly Trust Levels

When the player clicks a jelly the UI should be displayed above it's in world space. It should face the player. Moving your crosshair onto the UI, should turn the crosshair into a mouse pointer the player can use to interact with the UI. Moving the mouse out of the ui again should turn it back in to the normal crosshair

Example Visual
Use Action


Level Tree


What should be manipulable in the unity editor
  • Layout of UI. This can mostly already be done in by unity’s default UI editor, but elements generated from the current configuration and level of the jelly, like the ability use buttons, and the Level Tree elements, should also have atributes to edit the layout, like the size of the elements, and how much space is inbetween each.
Considerations and Dependencies

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