Level design inspiration


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I'm deep diving into similar games and what our target audience really wants I do see that we have a little bit of an issue. Our game as it stands still harkens a little bit back to the early days in which survival and engineering was an important part of the game. Back then it was all about strategical thinking, Counting how many blocks you have and how many you needed to get across these precarious Sky Islands.

We want everything now to be much more comfortable.

Small sky islands that force you to do a lot of building are not ideal for an friendly space where you're enjoying taking care of jellies.

The jellies have got to be the focus and larger natural spaces will allow us to do that.

Although somewhat smaller islands are useful for the teaching of the basics at the very beginning, players should soon be able to get to much larger islands right away.

Adapting to this new reality is going to be an iterative process as a lot of what we are doing right now depends on sky island size.