Minecraft Server Basics


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==== BASICS ====

1) We are in SUPER ALPHA
2) p1.quest is the address
3) Discord voice chat use is required when in server (you can mute and deafen)
4) In this server YOU DO not face mobs, you face energy issues. Find food and eat fast to keep from getting super slow.

==== TUTORIAL ====

Getting started:

Get food asap in the wild by doing /wild!
Teleport back to spawn with /spawn once you have emeralds!
Shift-click emeralds to get land you can claim in the main world!
Find people and build your farm/city!


You get "Eagles" our currency for being active in the Discord. Unmuted voice chat and text chat counts.
You can trade 100 Eagles for 20 land or 4 emeralds.
Soon this will auto-magical but right now .send Eagles to ! RedEagle_P1 and DM him to give you land.


Use the command "/tpa NAMEOFPERSON" to request to teleport to someone.
Eagles are a currency you get in Discord, use them to buy land in game. Right now its a manual process. Soon automagical.
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