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We have a lot of new people joining our creator community and we would like help to connect with, train and organize these people.

You don’t have to know a lot and you don’t even have to possess a computer but we just need somebody who is often in discord and highly dependable.

If you can help:

1) Read the guide below.
2) Tell me if you want to be a phase 1 or phase 2 user integration specialist or if you would like to take on both.
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==== Guide to user integration ====

Tip: You will need this guide often so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

There are two sides to the integration process. First we want to welcome people in our discord, find out why they joined and see if we can help them fulfil their goals with us.

Namely, those with the appropriate role will see #New-Members at the very top of our discord:

This channel will contain ✅❌ and a name. You will be notified every time somebody joins the discord.

Phase 1, Welcome

The first thing you wanna do when you see someone join is to hit the checkmark ✅. Then you want to send a message in #GeneralChat and ask, “Hi name, what brings you our way?”

Your goal at this stage is to help them fulfil their goals with us.

Next up you want to invite them to our weekly event via direct message:

“Hey name,

Our community will be having a big get-together event this weekend and would love to have you be a part. Let me know if you would be interested to be join.”

They may ask questions about the event and if they show interest ask them again if they want to join.

If they say yes, send them:

“Awesome, we would love to have you be part! Visit <#655221598072078377> to see when it is and hit the :raised_hand: icon to RSVP.”

Later that day you want to send them the following:

“Hey, I thought I would let you know that our community is working on an interesting game idea, would you be interested to hear it?”

When you do this it’s important to add a special reaction time of the name of a new member so that another welcome her does not do the same thing:

If they say yes then do you want to send them the following:

“Awesome, we would love your feedback on the idea. You can visit <#831267991026401280> for the exact details but here are the basics:

Our vision is to create a game in which you progress from new technology to the highest level of modern technology in an integrated modern society with tons of other players.

Basically, our hope is in a small way to try to see if we can create the same social organization that exists in real life through a game.

Think of it like if civilization started all over again but it did so in the digital and with the goal of building an actual community.

Now obviously we can’t go around making something as realistic as real life but we are starting with a family friendly style game and then levelling it up.

Let me know what you think!”

They will probably ask you many questions about the idea and your job is to answer them to the best of your ability. And, if they like the idea:

“We would love to have you part of the concept if you’re interested. Click the handshake icon here and you will be sent a sign up form: <#833817876758134785>. You don’t really have to have any talents to be part, even just feedback makes a big difference. We want to build this game as a whole community together with all of our ideals integrated.”
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Phase 2/3 integration:

Normally two different people do each of these jobs but in some cases enthusiastic volunteers will do both. It’s up to you if you want to specialize in one or both.

If you choose to take this role, make sure to ask me to add you to each relevant team conversation in Discord so you can add new people to those teams!

As always this phase begins with a notification:

“I just signed up and I need the P1 Volenteer role” new users are asked to post.

When they do this you will get notified in discord and your job is to respond with a hearty welcome. How are you welcome people really impacts the understanding they get of our values.

I usually like to include a lot of positive emoji’s:

“Thank you so much for joining us, 🤗 I’m so glad to have you part of the team! 🥰

If you need anything at all ask me and I am happy to help! Add me on Discord if you can!

Now that you’re an official P1 Creator, we would love to have your help making the game itself. The best way to start is to do the first quest: https://www.p1gaming.net/forum/index.php?threads/new-volunteer-quest-1.53139/

If you can do it and get back to me when done I’ll set you up with the next quest.”

In the meantime you want to look up their information on this document.

Open a word or Google doc and just copy in information that seems important/relevant to assessing this new users ability. You will learn in that document if they are an Artist, Programmer, etc.

Now you want to reach out to the team leader (see Creator Discord) of the team most relevant to the skills the newcomer listed. So if we have someone who has joined for art/building, they should be connected with the game-art team leader. If you get someone for something we don't have established yet, like sound design, connect them with any related help requests to their skills and:
  1. Let me know that we have someone who needs a team
  2. Send me their relevant experience
  3. Add me to a discord convo with them
  4. Offer me a suggestion on what you would do even if you are not sure:

"Hey Red, _NAME_ signed up, here is a quick snapshot of their skills:
They signed up to help with sound design but we don't need a sound right now but they seem to have a lot of art related experience so I think art might be a good fit for them, what do you think?

Now if we get someone who signed up and we do have a team for them, shoot me a quick summary:

"Hey Red, _NAME_ signed up for building, here is a quick snapshot of their skills:
They have been connected with the team leader ___ and he is training them."
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