P1 3/2021


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So, those of us on Discord have probably seen the news already, but on the off chance that anybody might be browsing the forums these days: P1 is no longer centered on a single game. Instead, it will be a different game every month! Personally I think this is a great change; it could mean a constant inflow of new members and means we won't be putting all our eggs in one basket.

However, this also provides an opportunity to clean up the forum a bit. If we're going to be focusing on more games, older subforums like Blockheads and Cubic Castles and the like should probably be moved from the front-and-center of the main forum page. I have no idea if any staff members still come around or whether its even worth the effort (seeing how dead the forums are currently), but I would love to see some life come back here.

This suggestion is made without any knowledge of the logistics for how much time and effort are required. But hey, I can be optimistic! :D

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