Reimagining the concept

The current idea for the game is like second life or a citizen simulator. With things like economy and reputation hard-coded into the game. I, however, know another way
of achieving this stuff better, and much more. Instead of the game being a society-simulator, i suggest it being a multiplayer sandbox focused on the interactions with the environment, like minecraft, since it is what our world is.

Therefore, all the economies, reputations, and cities would actually be those respective things, and not another in-game statistic. How can a society be called real if all of its parts are integrated by the developers and not the people themselves? That would make the entire thing not a society, but a show set up by the developers. It's like an evolution simulator with pre-made evolution lines.
Wouldn't it be better to actually simulate our world, and not a preconception of what our world is?
Not to mention the rigidness such system enforces. What if people would decide to do something that has simply not been predicted by the in-game mechanics?

My idea is to make a fully interactable voxel game world in a server with lots of people. The results would not be visible from the get-go, but they would be real, and the results would actually end up better in the long run. Not to mention all unrelated to our goal things such a game would achieve.