Say Something Nice About Another P1 Member

@RedEagle_P1 or... @RedEagle_P1. ? you have 2 accounts? lol either way red for going above and beyond what he HAS to do to continue growing P1 as a great community.

@DaPerson because he is to blame for everything but owns it. (and he build the P1bot so we can earn eagles and look forward to the plan for using them) and he's kinda cool i guess ;)

@007Awesome007 for always watching to keep discord safe and clean

@ArcticCry for doing a great job of using the tools at his disposal to head undesirables off!
An updated list of people whome this
hippy called Raven loves + reason:

1: @Stephenw92 [GoodLife Banking]

Always has respect for his fellow
Always helps in every situation.
Is completely Hilarious.
Has a big heart


Absolutely hilarious
Epic welcomer.
General Nice person/human/hawk.
Loves snakes and spooders.
Doesn't take nonsence.
Epic writer.

3: @RedEagle_P1

Let's face it, the clan wouldn't exist
without him.
Very friendly.
Voice is as smooth as silk.
Makes excelent Seagull pie.
Has a big heart.
Loves to eat during EVERY vc chat.
(not even joking by saying EVERY)

4: @DaPerson

Knows how to handle things.
Such a soothing voice! (i want a bed
made of his voice, would be so comfy)
Coder galore!
Has a fantastic impact on P1.

5: @Raizusekku

Who doesn't love this dirt lord?
Fun to chat to.
Got dem long leeeeeegs!?
Good boi.

6: @Nano

I luv dat sheep?

7: @007Awesome007

Such a big help around discord.
Extremely polite.
Good person.
Smells kinda like a borrito.

8: @Sir. Pixel

Wonderful person to be around.
Great economical sense of knowlage
in cc.
Absolutely loaded with cash in cc.
Very funny.
Has a big heart.

9: @Cubitboy2766

A little loud but entertaining.
Hates parkour. ?
General good guy.
Very helpful.
Always in a positive mindset.

10: @Aritemis

She might not be around as much but
she has insane amounts of talent.
She is nice to every person she meets.
She is extremely helpful.
Kinda miss her. (she isn't on discord)
Come back to us!

Those are my favourite people on P1Gaming.

Love y'all!

- Raven (the hippy)

Monkey Superhero

Professional Twig
Staff member
Active Member
Ooh Monkey The Twig is my favorite person on P1,
He's nice, always gets his work done, does his work on time, is friendly, and super handsome ;D
Ok I'm joking.. I think 007TheTwig007 does an amazing job at running the Supercharge team (join please :p) and RedSeagull_P1 does a great job at managing P1 in general. He also does a great job running P1's Vends in CC (also buy from there and create a shop from there. 10/10 would recommend) :P
@Marshka Is great at leading the Party Team! keeps uas in line n is still kind n gentle with us, even as she is strong! a very good leader! Too bad she isn't running fer P1 Pres T.T
@Nebula is getting to be a good party leader and organizer fer a wee pup! @Mad_Dog_Gamer isn't so bad either!
All in all, aside from meself, i like the way the whole @Party Team is working together n bringing entertainments n funs to the P1 community!