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We have shared several technical topics which related to program development. We highly recommend reading the overview article about this topic before reading this article, you probably will spend 15 minutes on it. Any unique insights or discoveries, please feel free to contact us or discuss.

Please check the below details:

Q1: I saw a lot of cool effects are achieved with Unity post-processing, requiring Camera to turn on HDR. But I don’t know if it will be very expensive to open this option. Can it run on the low-end machine? In addition, after using HDR, is Camera’s Rendering Path not able to choose Forward?

Q2: When Unity5.5 is running, the GI option of the shader is baked. The code modifies the Material property referenced by the model Renderer component, SetColor(“_EmissionColor”), and there is no real-time refresh effect.

Q3: The following two pictures are the screenshot of the mate9+OpenGL Proflier running the highest quality of our project, Unity 5.6.0p4, you can observe that the second Camera.Render in Figure 1 has a very long wait. It is our UI camera. It can be observed from the figure that it starts executing its main thread rendering task after waiting for other cameras to complete the task of rendering the thread.

Q4:As showed below, the resource is released, but the texture is still in memory, and the number of references is 0. How to destroy it?

This is the UWA Technology Sharing for Unity Development. As we all know, our life has a limit but knowledge has none. These problems are only the tip of the iceberg and there are more technical problems during our program development which deserves to discuss. Welcome to join UWA Q&A community, let‘s explore and share knowledge together! Work with UWA, make it simple!

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