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Connect=ed is all about simulating real life in a way that would achieve the same level of social organization we see in physical life.

Why did people organize in physical life?

In physical life, people naturally organize for fear of hunger or the danger of other people. In contrast, in virtual worlds the lack of needs or consequences leads people to become directionless and unconnected groups of individuals.


Survival is the key element of physical life. Everyone fighting to survive is what creates the energy of physical civilization. Obviously, we don’t want to duplicate real fear but having needs and consequences to not attending to those needs created a directional driver within Connect=ed.


Today’s economy is based in large part on what people want due to our increasing prosperity. Want’s are also the key driver in games.

How do we want to duplicate physical life? The "Principles".

We want to duplicate physical life in a way that is gamified, fun, sped up and utopian.

Fun -- Our world is complex and there are TONS of boring things that go into doing anything. We basically want to skip the non-fun stuff.

Time crunched -- Obviously we don’t want things to take as long as physical life. I am thinking a target of 24x speed would be ideal. This way, if it takes 80 days for carrots to grow in physical life, it would take 3 (physical life) days in game.

Utopian -- We want to sell a vision of a new world, unlike our own. War, sewage and the killing of animals don’t really fit with this concept. We want to create a positive alternative, an escape from physical life. However, survival genre concepts can be integrated by having other-than-death consequences such as slowness when hungry etc. Moreover, animal resources are essential.
>> I would personally like to remove the concept of hunting animals and replace it with the ability to tame and harvest resources from new types of fantasy animals.​
Short night -- Night is the bane of every "survival" grene game. A time when you can't see is not helpful for civilization and so some slight modifications are needed to our world.

I'm a very big believer in starting people in a single-player experience and progressing them onto social, multiplayer experiences afterward.
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Academy -- In physical life it takes years of education to be able to do some of the most basic jobs out there and we definitely don't want to allow things to get that complicated if possible in our virtual world.

As I said in Reputation, when people visit others, trade with others etc. they will get a dialog box allowing for reputation to be generated.

In our virtual world, we want to use Reputation as a stand-in for learning. As you grow and reputation you will be up to purchase something called blueprints from the academy in order to be able to create the special tools needed to advance civilization and specialize.