Slime Classification and Crafting with UI + Tool Recipe

Slime Classification and Crafting with UI + Tool Recipe

G1 Slimes
Generation 1 Slimes are the ones you will find at the very start on islands near you. They help you refine things like wood, stone and metal depenfing on their type. If they are a wood slime you will be able to refine wood blocks and make ALL blocks that only require wood. This includes alternate blocks like wood stairs, doors, slabs... Just like all the other slimes their island is their biome and if they aren't in it they will lose happiness.

G2 Slimes
Generation 2 Slimes are very similar to G1 slimes but they only modify the appearence of G1 blocks. So my wood block could become a wood lava block using a lava slime. Using this same lava wood block I would be able to make lava wood stairs with the same slime. This will give the player new blocks to upgrade the slimes base with and will allow him to improve his tools with new powerful abilities.

Mechanics (2).jpg

The Lava example for G2 slimes is just a placeholder we will probably choose something else. We might come up with G3 slimes that could give you blocks with special propertize but we aren't sure we need them and it would be a lot of extra work.

Crafting with Slimes
First you must choose what you want to build on the island workbench. Than you give the slime those blocks. The workbench here is almost like a menu at a restaurant. At first you look at what you can have and pick from there but when you have come once or twice you don't even look at the menu and go order directly.
Mechanics (3).jpg

Workbench UI

System Goals
We want the player to feel powerful when opening the workbench. Feel like the possibilities and opportunities are infinite. We also want the player to be able to set goals very easily. I need to be able to easily see something I don't have and set it as my next crafting goal. Finnaly companionship with the slime is key. Since each slime will have his own type of workbench this would mean stylizing each UI workbench to that slime and maybe even see the slime somewhere on there to.

I'm thinking the UI looks brand new and exciting like the slimes are. This comes down to creating a visual guideline for the entire world but maybe some parts could be filled with Goo. Anything happy and related to slimes you can come up with works. The UI should appear as a 2D image above the slimes head that is always facing the player. The image here is just an example, change whatever you would like and please make it look better haha.


I litteraly can't find any happy oriented workbenches out there so we are breaking new ground guys! Here are some more UI designs to look at but feel free to experiment and put tons of cute Slime stuff!

Mechanics (1).jpg

Tool Recipes
8 Wood -----------> Tier 1 Pickaxe

6 Wood -----------> Tier 1 Shovel

5 Wood -----------> Tier 1 Sicle

7 Wood -----------> Tier 1 Axe

8 Wood + 7 Stone -----------> Tier 2 Pickaxe

6 Wood + 5 Stone -----------> Tier 2 Shovel

5 Wood + 4 Stone -----------> Tier 2 Sicle

7 Wood + 6 Stone -----------> Tier 2 Axe

6 Wood + 2 Stone + 5 Metal -----------> Tier 3 Pickaxe

8 Wood + 2 Stone + 3 Metal -----------> Tier 3 Shovel

5 Wood + 2 Stone + 2 Metal -----------> Tier 3 Sicle

7 Wood + 2 Stone + 4 Metal -----------> Tier 3 Axe

Thank you for reading