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After a major catastrophe on earth, human beings, just advanced enough to travel between near-by solar systems, travel from earth to the Mysian system. They settle on Alicia (el ee cie a) an abundant tropical planet with several neighboring planets which actually orbit each other.

The Solar System, the look of the sky:

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Details: Alicia is neighbored by Saris and icy planet that is too cold to be inhabited by humans but makes a beautiful reflector of the local star’s light.

When looking at the night sky one notices a chain of lights all strung together like a network around planet Alicia. In the day light, they are hardly noticeable. The star of this solar system is seen much bigger and brighter on Alicia than the sun does on earth, this has to do with a potent atmosphere which contains more of ___ which causes the greenhouse light-reflection effect to increase. This results in increased saturation in color on the planet. Stuff just pops a lot more on Alicia itself.

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When arriving on Alicia in 2,940, human had made less substantial progress than imagined and this can be attributed to the long wars fought on planet earth, now a desolate wasteland. However, a recent economic boom in the 3170’s (due to the invention of a new energy extraction system), has caused a huge leap forward in technology.


Alicia is run by a global dictatorship. People’s obedience to the state is unquestionable. Many aspects of everyday life are dictated by the government. Values such as duty and responsibility to the collective are wide-spread. There is a real feeling of stifling of expression. You don’t question things partly because of your sense of duty to the collective and partly because you would not want to let down the glories collective.

It was not always this way however. Alicia was settled in 2,940 and began as a group of fragmented nation-states. Back then, the crushing situation of having to rebuild all of life and civilization all over again, humans only having escaped barely from earth, kept the human race relatively impoverished. They lived in the shadow of their former glory.

However, since the economic boom of the 3170’s the human race is being propelled past its former glory. The sense of personal pride and achievement, that all things are possible was wide-spread. I imagine it similar to the thinking the 1930’s or a much-less-humble renaissance Europe. The period between 3170 and 3220 was a time of glories economic expansion and it always seemed the sky was the limit. It was a time of ideas and invention, a time when people thought freely and believed freely. No one could have imagined a dictatorship then.

The Rise of Afaria and the SDI

In 3221 a far away star, Halion 359 collapsed in a supernova. The explosion has put into danger human life on Alicia... [the most exiting part has been removed as it is a WIP here.]


Alicia is a temperate planet covered mostly by water. The planet is the size of Jupiter. Saris is the size of Saturn. It has no ring.

There are two major Pangeas on Alicia. The divide between these two Pangeas is huge. Not something we can imagine as earthlings. Afaria is unique among nations because the whole of the nation sits mostly on a shield-like desert plateau. It’s edges are like grand canyon but much more grand and the cliff edge hangs over the land below it. It creates a real grand-entrance feel at the edges on which you would get on the plateau. Afaria does not sit perfectly on the plateau nor does the grand canyon-type edge surround the whole of the plateau, only the east side.


The primary enemy of humans is an alien species called Demicri (dem ie cree). They are odd as they are cell-sized intelligent species. They are not even visible to the human eye yet they, like humans, have souls thoughts and intelligence.

Lessons from Earth

Earth perished due to the inability of its people to get along. Ruled by strong dictatorships before its fall this hard-learned lesson has burned liberal democracy into the minds of Alicians.

There are some survivors from our solar system that stayed on other planets within our solar system. The people of Alicia have neither contact, nor great knowledge of these people. They assume them to possess many secrets lost during the “Great Migration” from earth to Alicia.
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