Tell us about your education?


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Tell us about your education? What have you learned? Did you get any degrees or did you have any fun job experiences?
Finished Technical High School with decree of IT Specialist... but truth be told from what they did teach us it should be called "Specialist" (Quoting intended). We know how to assemble computers, its main parts, how hardware works etc. But the education about technologies, servers and programming languages (i look at you PHP) was terrible. Going out from that school into the lands of work is like getting out from stone age into bronze where professionals are shooting from AK-47.
From there i tried IT college but because i had some mental problems (caused by my lovely parents and Physics instructor) i dropped it after first semester.
After some time i signed up for Python language course which i finished and been writing some simple thing from time to time.
Finding IT work was also a big failure till recent, where i managed to land a job as IT Service Specialist... but after mere 3 months they let me go because i was "giving up too quickly" on tasks i had no idea how to fix and already took work 5-6 hours. *shrugs* A painful blow but the company also wasn't perfect... co-worker who was giving out task was a b***h and we were on war path since day one. So that was like 3 months ago. I'm not employed since then, but I'm trying what i can.