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A lot of people have been asking me if it's appropriate to tell other people about this project or if it's somewhat secret or something like that. Feel free to tell people! The more the better. We want to avoid toxic, nasty, greifer-types so aim for mature gamers.

You get 15 min per person you recruit and 1 hour if the complete 3 help requests or more!

Get started here >>

In fact, if you want to tell people on Twitter, Reddit, Discord etc. here are some recommended places: & Instagram

Ideas & related hashtags:

  • Share your experience with our community:
    • #wholesome #positive #community #love #peace #friendship #gaming #friendlyquest #minecraft #youtube
  • Share artwork from our game:
    • #LowPoly #Gaming #minecrafthouse #voxelart #Art #Imagination #Art #Imagination #magicavoxel #Blender3d #gameart #lowpoly #Fantasy #forage #minecraftbuilds #robloxbuild
  • Talk about game progress:
    • #indiedev #IndieGameDev #unitydev #unity #lowpoly #gamedev
  • Talk about gameplay using similar game hashtags:
    • #forager #minecraft #roblox #ArkSurvivalEvolved #SeaOfThieves #cityroleplay
Not all those hashtags are relevant but you get the idea ;).


Some of these are better for staff to do, but sharing our work here can help:


Always check the rules first because it's really important that we keep the reputation of this game is strong. If the rules allow it you can share of link to what we're doing in #introduce-yourself #self-promote and #rev-share channels. You can also see other people's intros and if they feel like they would be a good fit, invite them. No spam though.

Game Dev Discords:
#hobby Discord
(No discord links allowed)


8 bits to infinity

Game Dev network:
(1 post per 14 days, use template provided in pin)
(No Discord links allowed)

/r/gamedev Discord
(no rules)

GameDev Community: #teams
(no rules)

INAT #looking...teammates

Game Dev League: >> #looking for team or rev share
Or try #introduce yourself
(use template provided in pin in that discord)

One lone coder


Type !accept in roles-and-socials to join server.
No Discord links allowed

GameDev Club
#introduce yourself
No discord links

Game Dev Underground

Ludem Dare
#promote yourself
#introduceyourself (no discord links)

Fans of similar games:

Core Games

Sound of Blocks

Builders Club



Builders Refuge

#Paid Jobs Recruitment

The Sandbox
A place to 1-1 get builders


Builders Refuge:


Gemini Tay
#self-promotion -- No Discord links allowed

Avast pro building group
1-1 only
People here are money-accomplishment oriented

Sapphire studios
1-1 only
People here are money-accomplishment oriented


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If you would like to take on this task:

1) I recommend telling friends 1-1 before using social media to start.
2) Tell me what your plan is.
3) Use this link, it tells people what we do and gives them a chance to sign up:
4) Do it and reply "DONE" and tell me how it went!

If you are the socially awkward type, here is a template I made for 1-1 convos, please personalize it:

Here is an example of a message I would send:


I have an interesting idea I am working on and I would love to share it with you.

If they respond:

Well this clan I am part of, P1, is making a game called Connect=ed, basically, we want to make a virtual world in which people can make really meaningful connections with others.

*Continue message here*


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New reddit post template:

Looking for curious people!

Hi everyone,

I've been buildings communities for 19 years now and the very idea of virtual communities has always been fascinating to me.

I really believe virtual worlds have the potential to revolutionize how we connect.

I would love to discover together with you what it takes to create meaningful social organization and connection in a virtual space.

I have an already-established gaming community of more than 20,000 members and together we have made in published more than 30 games and experiences played by hundreds of thousands.

We have an industry veteran that has joined us on the condition we bring him budding young developers to mentor.

We are looking for serious and curious people of all skill levels to join us as we design small prototype games (slightly larger than game jam games) for our community to grow our knowledge of the ideal psychology to connect people in the digital.

We are not just seeking to have people become friends but we want to develop a macro organization between players -- people really cooperating either explicitly or in a more general sense.

What we bring to the table:

- Established, positive/mature community 8 years running

- A group of passionate artists

- A small team of programmers

- Really developed bot for managing jobs, roles, reputation

- Capable marketing

Open roles:

- C# programmer

- Technical artist -- Someone who can combine programming skill with artistic ability.

- Designers (FYI, this is not art, its people who plan features)

- Animation (3D) -- Rigging and animating our characters.

- Sound (Music/SFX)

- People managers & user integrators -- Basically help people through sign up and welcome them to our teams.

If that sounds fascinating to you, comment & I will reply.

You can learn more or sign up here:


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Virtual worlds are kinda terrible…

I don’t know how many people here played Second Life back in the day but there was a palpable excitement about virtual worlds.

This was gonna be the next big thing and everyone wanted a piece.

Sadly, stuff did not pan out.

But, let’s be honest with ourselves… virtual worlds today are kinda terrible.

Name changes,

Lizard avatars,

Screaming kids,

Keyboard warriors,

& no reputation or accountability.

These worlds being marketed with close-to-nude models does not help.

What was GOING to happen right?

I really think we missed something here, virtual worlds do have incredible potential.

Imagine with me, the ability to be in any classroom, in any workplace, in any social club, live, at a single tap.

Why would you even build buildings if we can get that real interaction online?

I’d like to experiment with the creation of a virtual world designed for real social organization. I know, I know, it sounds big. Hear me out.

I have been working with my friends to make games in Ylands for 3 years now, together we made and published 30+ games and won in 6, $30,000 competitions. Also, I have a gaming clan I have been building for 8 years now who love to test this sort of thing.

What if we made small, made-for-purpose, game-like tests and see how my community responds? We can grow our understanding of this stuff and maybe we can make a difference in this space together.

Let me know if you like that idea.

I have some more details and a quickly-made sign up here:

FAQ here: