Tutorial: Importing VOX, OBJ, MTL, and PNG files to Unity


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Tutorial for Importing Vox Files from MagicaVoxel into Unity
  1. Export from MagicaVoxel
  2. Open the Assets folder in the Project Panel (normally at the bottom of the screen) and go to Assets > Art. Once there, find the folder that best fits the files you are adding, or make one.
    vox to unity art folder.png
  3. Import the VOX file, the OBJ file, the color palette PNG, and the MTL files into Unity by dragging and dropping them into the scene. If you do not have the VOX file, please request it from the creator, as it is important we have it in case edits are ever needed.
    vox to unity add files.gif
  4. Add the OBJ file to the scene to check the sizing of the object. You can move it around as needed, as we will delete scene changes in a future step (just be sure not to save).
    vox to unity add to scene.png
  5. If the object does not appear to be sized correctly, open the OBJ file in the inspector (click on it in the file folder) and go to the Model tab. Here you will see a scene scale; adjust this scale as needed. (Don't forget to click apply.)
    vox to unity inspector model tab.png
  6. If the palette/material has not properly applied itself to the OBJ file (this generally happens if you do not import all at once), you will need to the Materials tab in the OBJ's inspector and extract the material to manually apply the palette PNG to the material (in this case called palette) via the Base Map image slot.
    vox to unity inspector materials tab.png vox to unity extracted materials and palette.png
    vox to unity inspector material.png vox to unity base map.png
  7. Now discard changes from the scene and push the purposeful changes on your branch to GitHub.
    vox to unity discard scene changes.png
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