Tutorial to export Icons from MagicaVoxel

For our game icons, we will be using ISO png exports from MagicaVoxel, here is how to export correctly:

1. Create your model inside MagicaVoxel


2. Once created, go to the bottom right section and click "ISO" under the export section. This will continue to save a PNG file in your desired location.

1646501901085.png square.png

This is how the ISO png export looks like, for a simple or complex models:


3. Now we will use whatever editing tool (Photoshop, Gimp, etc) to crop one of the 4 sides to be a squared image.
Note: It is important for the image to be a perfect square, otherwise the image will get defomed once it's on the project. We don't have a specific pixel size requirement as the icon will scale. We recommend using the resolution that comes out of magicavoxel.


4. Post your Icon along with your 3d model on the asset discord. Icons will be stored in the same folder as the .obj once in the project.