What Are You Expert At??


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I am an expert at:
1. OSX
2. Apple Products - iPad, iPhone and iMac along with Macbook Pro
3. Gaming
4. Writing - this is what I do for a living.
What books have u published?

I'm not calling my self an expert at it but I like art, sport(cross country runs, parkour)and Maths.


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I actually helped write Zak Bagan's Dark World: Into The Shadows as well as some content wiring for Lorraine Warren. She is the lady from Amityville Horror and the Conjuring


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Im expert at being me lol :p

Im good at mine craft and im good at destroying laptops :cool:

And im good at making my sister cry she is a 4 years old :p:D:cool: Too cool for school
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1) Drawing
2) Eating Donuts
3) Hockey and other sports
4) Coming on this website to do stuff
5) Playing games like minecraft, blockheads and pixel gun 3D
6) Argueing with my brothers


Well im an expert in school
(Top 10 reader in my grade)
I am a Baseball sensation, Its all i do other than gaming
Expert at making people feel at home
and last of all being dsggb


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I dislike claiming expertise in any one thing... I am pretty good at rapidly drawing together information from many things I've read to form a conclusion that more fully sums up what an answer than what others have said however.