What Are You Expert At??


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I'm pretty good at cross country running, I can run 6Km in half an hour or so. I'm good at netball. I'm good at English (as in the subject at school not the actual language but im also good at that) I'm I. The top 11% in Australia for my age group in comprehension.


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Hmmm things I'm good at....
1: folding paper
2: finding cave trolls
3: running away from cave trolls
4: avoiding ban because a tp was beside the cave troll I found, lol
5: I'm ok with competitive pokemon battles


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1.expert on both android and ios so if u have any problems just tell me and i will solve ur problem
2.clash of clans
4.managing servers
5.ios hacking
6.android hacking
7 . I'm expert on computers too


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I wouldn't necessarily call myself an expert, but I really enjoy talking to people and building relationships.


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Hello all,

I hope you guys have a wonderful day.

Tell me what are you expert at and how can you help others.
Well I'm expert at:
1) Game testing
2) Unity and Unreal engine optimization
3) Technical articles writing
4) Others
Ask me anything related to these three topics and I will certainly help you

or you can check the below info.

Website: https://en.uwa4d.com,

Many thanks.



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I have tried so many times for the video parts, after I watched all parts and fill out all questions, the page still shows I didn't agree all rules, I think someone also encounter this issue, it is bad for your users and will lose them after they tried many times. Many thanks
Try this new link: https://form.jotform.com/212436475754966

Its a different one. That other one is the old one. The new one has the green bar and the old has the orange bar.