Hey I'm Seb and I write stuff. Mostly science fiction. Mostly.

Pls let me know if you have anything: you'd like a writer to take a look at/ needs fleshing out or some context/needs a story or just awesome stuff to happen.

Thx gl
What I love to do: Writing. Outdoors. Pets. Games.
Games I play: Shadow of the Demon Lord, Stellaris, Hearts of Iron 4, Warhammer TW, Post Scriptum, Insurgency SS, Intruder, Barotrauma
When I started gaming: 30 years ago
What you like about P1/how you found it: Don't know yet, found it on /INAT
Hey, I talked to you briefly in yesterday's meeting. (I'm Ichthyotoxicity) I do a bit of worldbuilding writing, mostly for D&D and other Tabletop related stuff. I've been interested in getting better at writing, but that means branching out beyond my comfort zone of worldbuilding writing, which is a bit intimidating. I did manage to respond to an r/WritingPrompts post a while back, but I'll need to make a regular habit of it to get any better. Any place in particular that you like to share/publish your writing?


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Hey there. Glad to have some new writers on board :D ( I'm also new, but still cool to have you )
Hmm.. we should hang out abit to chat about WB , writing in general, change experiences etc.

Cheers! O.